By k | January 10, 2013 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Seth Godin has a great post
on how decisions are the products
we now make.

“You don’t run a punch press
or haul iron ore.
Your job is to make decisions.”

As with any other skill,
it takes time and practice
to learn how to make good, solid decisions.

At first, you’ll make some bad decisions.
That should be expected,
almost embraced.
Hell, I lost a company a million dollars once
’cause I made a bad decision.

But the funny thing is
even if you make bad decisions,
you will become more marketable
than the many, MANY people making no decisions.
I’ve landed jobs with one simple sentence.
“I make decisions.”

Making decisions
is definitely a task
you can only truly learn by doing
so grab any opportunity to make decisions.

If coworkers are discussing where to go for lunch,
make that decision.
If your spouse is debating
which brand of toothpaste to buy,
make that decision.

Make decisions today.

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