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One of my buddies is a brilliant writer.
whenever she gets close
to signing a lucrative deal
with a big publisher,
she finds some reason
to f*ck it up.
This happens again and again.

Another buddy finds a reason
to quit a job
whenever she gets a promotion.

My buddies barely pay their bills
yet they deliberately self-sabotage themselves.
this isn’t unusual behavior,
especially for women.

As Barbara Stanny in
The Secrets of Six-Figure Women

“Underearners are subtle self-saboteurs.
Underearners unwittingly throw banana peels
in their own path in all sorts of ways,
like applying for work they’re not qualified for,
creating problems with coworkers,
procrastinating or leaving projects unfinished,
hopping from one job to another,
always stopping just short of reaching their goals.”

If this is you
and you truly DO want to be successful,
consider putting in safeguards
to stop this behavior.

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