Whenever I’m asked to set my goals
as an employee in a company,
I first ask
to see the past goals for other employees
in my group.


Because it shows me what others think
is important
and it inspires my own goal setting.

So I thought I’d share goals
others are suggesting
you might set for 2013.

For Content Providers
(bloggers, social media folks)
David Goehst has a list of five possible goals

“Increase Compatibility Of Content
Content writers and the owners
must count the issue of compatibility
more seriously than before in 2013.
The concept of COPE
(Create Once and Publish Everywhere)
should be adopted by the content writers
in order to ensure
the maximum accessibility of the content.”

For Business Builders
Lydia Dishman has crafted a list of six possible goals
making meetings more productive.
“Mike Williams,
CEO of the David Allen Company,
advises that the leader of the organization
hang a large sign in each conference room
that states:
“If the purpose and desired outcome
of this meeting
are not clearly stated
within the first five minutes,
please walk out
–you have my permission.”"

Have you set your goals yet?

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