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A buddy and I
are managing two different not-for-profit writing groups.
We inherited these groups
and the small number of members
belonging to them.

My buddy marketed her group like hell,
recruiting members,
THEN she started providing content
for this group.
She had a challenge getting members,
she had a challenge retaining members,
because she didn’t have content.

Being a blogger,
I took a different tactic.
I concentrated on providing content.
I got the existing members involved.
I built a community.
I didn’t lose any members,
and by the time
the content and activities were self-perpetuating,
and I had time to look for new members,
I didn’t have to.
Members, gained by referrals,
were finding me.

It is easier to sell product
when you have an actual product.
Product development starts
with product.

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