By k | July 31, 2011 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

A loved one told me
he was going through a challenging time.
My reply?
“I know.”
He was surprised I noticed.
I shared that many of us noticed
but we didn’t say anything
because we knew he was a private person.

I wore the exact same sweater
as a co-worker once.
She marveled at the ‘coincidence.’
It wasn’t a coincidence.
She always wore that sweater
on the first Monday of the month.

If you’re like me,
you’re probably doing something
you think no one will notice.
Maybe it is leaving a half hour later,
or making coffee when the coffee pot is empty,
or picking up the slack for co-workers.

I’ll tell you a secret…
someone notices.

It might not be an important someone.
It might not be someone
who will ever mention it.
But your actions are noticed.

Assume that eventually
everyone will notice.

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