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If you’re getting flowers this Valentine’s Day,
I suggest you source them
from a florist other than Teleflora.

Although I didn’t watch the Super Bowl,
I’ve received a few hundred email pleas
to boycott Teleflora.
I’ve since watched the commercial
and wow, this is a great example of a company
NOT knowing their market (women).

Teleflora didn’t know women watched the Super Bowl
(in 2008, 39% of viewers were female over the age of 18)
they didn’t know
women don’t like to be insulted
(men are open to it, women are not)
they didn’t know that most women read romance novels
(64 million Americans read a romance in 2004)
and/or have a cat
(34% of Americans have a cat)
they didn’t know that negativity is usually not the emotion
you want associated with flowers.

No matter what,
that very expensive spot was a miss for Teleflora.

An interesting tidbit…
15% of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.

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