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As we creep closer to year end,
to New Year’s Eve,
many of us will be
making resolutions
and setting goals for 2015.

It is a worth while exercise
to first think about
what our life’s mission is.
Be specific.

I was discussing this with a loved one.
He said “I want to make a difference.”
“Do you?” I asked.
“Yes, I want to be remembered.”

Making a difference
and being remembered aren’t necessarily
the same thing.

I could donate a large sum anonymously
that would make a difference
in the world
but I wouldn’t be remembered.

I could schedule a reminder
on social media
but not necessarily make a difference.

Think about what you truly wish
to achieve.

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If we’ve learned anything
from the Sony Hack,
it’s that everything
we say or text or email
can go public.

All information is stored in a system somewhere
and every system is hackable.
EVERY system.

If we’re not recording our deeds or thoughts,
someone else is.
Every public moment can be recorded.
Everyone has a phone
and every phone has a camera,
or some sort of recording ability.

There’s also no longer
any debate in the media
about whether or not
a story should be reported.
It WILL be reported
by someone,
either someone official
or an anonymous person on the internet.

What does this mean?

Watch what you do or say or write.
Ensure that the people
you’re open with
can be trusted.

Realize that if you become famous,
you WILL be named in some scandals.
Pretending to be perfect
is a very risky branding.

But all this shouldn’t stop you
from doing,
from changing the world.
It’s worth the exposure.

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Being a romance writer,
I’m expected to talk about my family
but I like to maintain their privacy.
My solution is to call
my husband
‘My Dear Wonderful Hubby.’

After a year of doing this,
my reading buddies
also now call him that.
They assume he’s wonderful
(and he is).
They see him in a very positive light,
almost as though he’s one of my romance heroes.

And I see him
in a very positive light too.
Even though I gave him the label
of ‘wonderful’,
I see him as more wonderful
because I refer to him as
the ‘Dear Wonderful Hubby.’

Labels matter.
Details matter.
A guest will see herself differently
than a patron.
A patron will see herself differently
than a customer.

Put conscious thought
into which label you give people.

By k | December 14, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

When I partner
or hire someone,
I want to know this someone
will provide results.
The sooner I see these results,
the sooner I trust her.

If she brings a done deal
to the table
(this is extremely rare),
I usually hire or partner with her

Michelle Damico,
founder of Michelle Damico Communications,

“If I’m in discussions
with a potential client,
I contact one or two editors
who accept byline articles
and ask whether my prospect’s
area of expertise
is something they’d want to read about
in a self-written article.
If the editor says yes,
then I bring that opportunity
to the prospect,
who’s usually impressed that
I did some legwork
even before landing their business.”

“It validates my news instincts.
It also quickly shows the prospect
that I know how to make
the contacts he or she needs.”

If you truly want a contract
or partnership,
bring a (minor) deal to the table
during negotiations.

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One of my buddies
wrote an anti-Christmas themed romance
last year.
Her assumption was…
there are many people
who don’t like Christmas.
This is a book for them.

It sold terribly.

Her publisher explained
that people who don’t like Christmas
don’t want to be involved
with the holiday at all.
An anti-event
will discuss the holiday
it is against.
When it is promoted,
it will be grouped
with that holiday.

A better positioning
would have been
‘For (some other theme)’.

If you’re planning an anti-event,
think about framing it
as a for-event.

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a prominent reviewer was removed
from an equally prominent writer’s
group of friends
on Facebook.
The reviewer assumed it was personal,
that the writer was punishing her
for not reviewing her books.
She vented.
The writer became upset.

After some heated words,
they discovered
it was a system bug.
Facebook randomly unfriended them.

Unfortunately, their relationship
will never be the same.

Social media isn’t perfect.
Facebook randomly unfriends people.
Twitter randomly unfollows people.
Blogs send legit comments to spam.

Social media is a tool
to help us communicate.
Don’t assume this tool works perfectly
and NEVER assume
actions taken via this tool
indicate the status of a relationship.

By k | December 11, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

I loved watching the
Victoria Secret Fashion Show
on Tuesday.
Because I saw one successful woman
(Taylor Swift)
supporting other successful women
(the Victoria Secret models).

Yes, some media talking heads
tried to make up drama
between the women
but what I saw
was mutual respect
a celebration of being strong women.

Did we perceive
Taylor Swift as being less successful
because she supported the angels?
Of course not.
We saw her as being
even stronger,
more influential.

And that is how it should be
in business.
Unless you have the exact same product,
the exact same marketing,
the exact same systems
as I do,
we’re not competitors.
We’re appealing to different customers.

Let’s support each other.

By k | December 10, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

One of the common themes
in media
is to interview someone
who has done something
for a long time.
This could be
stay married,
have a career,
simply remain alive.

The assumption is…
these people must have learned
from doing this thing
all of these years.
They must have wisdom
we don’t.

The other assumption is
they’re doing this thing well.
Their marriage is fulfilling.
They’re great at their career.
They have a happy life.

These are two huge assumptions
but they do show society’s expectations
of us.
Society expects us to be become better.
Society expects us to only continue something
if we’re doing that something well.

Society also expects us
to make a difference
even if we’re well past retirement age.
(Seth Godin has a great post on this)

Are you becoming a better,
more knowledgeable person?
Are you contributing to the world?

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Google has announced
that they will no longer
be using PageRank for sites.

They will be turning
their focus
to traffic.

clientk readers know
I don’t give a rat’s a$$
about SEO on this site.
Google hates these short posts.
I don’t write them for search engines.
I write them for you,
very busy,

It turns out…
that’s what Google wants.
They want us
to put our customers first,
to write content
that will make these customers

Tim Kelsey,
director of client marketing services
at Pronto,

“Your SEO efforts
should be focused
on driving quality traffic
to your website.
After all,
it’s traffic that drives
new leads and sales.”

Concentrate on traffic
and conversions
(and customer service).
THOSE are the purposes
of your site.

By k | December 8, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Henry Ford
“If you always do
what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get
what you’ve always got.”

That’s as true now as it was then.
For creatives
–writers, product designers, marketing folks
– mixing it up is a must.
We’re being paid to provide new experiences.
For others,
progress in careers
only come when there’s change.

Aprille Janes

“Being vulnerable is
the willingness to accept
either success or failure.
It’s being all in and playing full out
even when it’s messy
and less than perfect.
In fact, I’d go so far as to say
you can’t succeed
until you’re willing to fail.
It starts with stepping out
of your comfort zone
(which looks more like a rut,
don’t you think?)”

Try something different today.
It could be taking a new route to the office,
adding chocolate sprinkles to your coffee,
using a pen with green ink.
Change something.