By k | August 8, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

It’s August,
the last days of summer
here in North America,
and I’m feeling extremely lazy.
It is tempting to take it easy.

I can’t,
not if I truly want
the business to be successful.

I have a big September release.
I have to reach out to readers (customers)
and promote it.
I also have the next story
to write.

I have to push it.

Kasey Blaustein,
Founder of
Kasey Jones, Ink.,

“You have to be really hungry
and able to do anything
to get your name out there
and show your stuff.”

Stay hungry.
Get sh*t done.

By k | August 6, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

When I tell people
I write romance,
the first comment I usually get is
“Oh, like Fifty Shades Of Grey.”

No, not at all
like Fifty Shades Of Grey
but that doesn’t matter.
That one book is now representing
the entire genre,
a genre consisting of millions
of other books.

If I want to be perceived in a different light,
I have to work twice as hard
to change that perception.

And because Fifty Shades of Grey
is representing
the entire genre,
thousands of new writers
think THAT is the benchmark
for romance.
THAT is what they aspire to write.

Like it or not,
Donald Trump is right now
representing business folks.
Whenever he attacks a grieving mom,
mocks a disabled reporter
kicks a baby out of a rally,
these actions are added
to the average person’s perception
of businessmen.

If we don’t want that
to be how others perceive us,
we have to work
to offset that perception.
We have to be
MORE supportive
than the average person
of the disabled,
grieving moms,

There will also be an influx
of new businessmen or women
who think acting like Donald Trump
is acceptable.
We should keep that in mind
when we interact
with these new business people.

The perception of business people
has changed.
We should incorporate that
into our plans.

By k | August 3, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

If you talk to any successful person,
she can give you a long list
of her failures.

She can also usually
point to ONE failure
that made her who she is today.

In a Saturday Night Live skit,
Leslie Jones

“You know what happened
to Oprah
at 23?
She got fired!
Imagine firing Oprah.”

When her cohost said
that was a mistake,
she responded with

“No. It wasn’t.
‘Cause she wasn’t Oprah.
She was just some 23 year old punk
who needed to get fired
so she could become Oprah.

Sometimes you gotta fail
to succeed.”

By k | July 31, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Since going Indie
with my writing,
I’ve been happier
and much more financially successful.

I know my niche.
I know what readers in that niche want.
I no longer have to sacrifice that
to keep a publisher happy.

Kerry Diamond,
co-founder of
Cherry Bombe,

“We’re debt-free,
with no investors.

It’s nice to have something
independent and small-scale
with a really clear voice
and point of view.

The thing that worries us
is compromising our vision
at all.

As soon as you
take someone’s money,
you risk that.”

Your independence
is an asset.
Think before you give it away.

By k | July 30, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

After yesterday’s post
on Donald Trump
and the power of repetition,
some client k readers
contacted me,
assuming I’m a Donald Trump supporter.

You don’t have to like a person
or support his policies
or think he’s an ethical person
to learn from him.

I prefer to spend time
with people I respect.
I believe we subconsciously
take on
the characters and ethics
of the people around us.

But we can learn
from someone
without spending time
in their presence.

Everyone has their strengths.
Learn from everyone,
even if they are your enemies.

By k | July 28, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Don’t ever tell me
you can’t start a business
because you don’t have the money.

You might not be able to start
the business you WANT to start
but, if you sending me an email,
you have the money to start A business.

Seth Godin

“If you want to write,
you have the same writing tools
available to you
as the most successful writers
in the world.

If you want to join
a social network,
well, the software that connects
the titans of your industry
is the very same software
you can use.

If you want to learn,
do research,
make a ruckus…
your local library has access to
the same tools
as you’ll find in a skyscraper
in a big company.”

If you have a computer (or a phone)
and internet access,
you can change the world.

No more excuses.
Do it!

By k | July 27, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Before taking any sort of action
in my writing business,
I ask myself,
does this benefit my core readers?
If it doesn’t benefit my core readers,
I think twice about it.
If it HARMS my core readers,
I discard the idea.

In August’s
CPA Magazine,
self-made billionaire
Michael Lee-Chin

“I asked myself,
how am I going to differentiate myself?
Because it’s your differences
that will remain indelible
with people.
How am I going to make sure
that I build the best possible reputation
and how am I going to make sure
that I really value my clients?”

Value your clients/customers.
They’re the reason
you’re in business.

By k | July 26, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

My first impulse
is to be much more critical of other women
than I would ever be of men.

I KNOW I have this bias.
I deliberately stop myself
and ask, “Would I think or say this
if she was a man?”

I correct my thinking
and my actions.

Lindsey Saletta
has a theory
about why we tend not to help
other women.
She believes
it is because we don’t want to
draw attention to the fact
we’re women
in an usually male dominated field.


“If we accept the idea
that being a woman
makes us an unwanted intruder,
we are much less likely
to reach out and help
the next woman
up the ladder.

The following woman in turn
feels no support
and is unlikely
to help her colleagues up either.

The results of this pattern
are entire industries
filled with women
who are isolated, distrusting,
and at a disadvantage.”

Figure out your own bias
(and I guarantee you have one)
and then figure out
how to offset it.

Change the world
by supporting other women.

By k | July 25, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I head to YouTube
at least once a day.
It is wonderful
for writing research.

It is also wonderful
for many entrepreneurs.
Million dollar businesses
are being built
on the video platform.

Michelle Phan,
of Ipsy,
shares some of her tips.

“I wanted to create a story
and almost bring
a more theatrical element
to my videos.
If you’re always putting out
the same videos,
people get bored
and they move on.
I think because I constantly evolve
and grow with my audience,
I’m able to stay relevant.”

“You need to build solid content
on your channel
so that people know
it’s worthwhile to subscribe to you.
Consumers are most likely
to choose a brand
that they have a connection with.”

“Videos need to be high-quality
so people can watch, share and learn.
And uploads need to be consistent
so subscribers get something new
each time they come back.”

If you’re building a YouTube business,
treat it like a business.
Focus on
content, consistency
and collaboration.

By k | July 24, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

When I worked
at a major beverage company,
new products stealing
the sales of existing products,
was a big concern.

The thing is…
if we didn’t cannibalize
our own products,
the competitor eventually would.

Howard Yu
and Thomas Malnight

“The willingness to cannibalize
a company’s existing business
before its decline
was also a major focus
of Apple under Steve Jobs.

In 2005,
when the demand for the iPod Mini
remained huge,
the Nano was launched,
effectively destroying
the revenue stream
of an existing product.

And while iPod sales
were still going through the roof,
Jobs launched the iPhone
which combined iPod,
cell phone, and Internet access
into a single device.”

Embrace the cannibalization
of your old products
by your new products.

If you don’t eat your lunch,
someone else will.