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Recently, there was a big fuss
on Facebook
about an author being unable
to post reviews.

Most authors can’t post reviews.
There’s a reason for that.

Before this ‘rule’ came into being,
authors were leaving nasty, false reviews
for their competition.

One author would post
‘This is NOT A ROMANCE.’
as a review for my romance novels
on release day.
That killed sales.

When Amazon made this rule,
all of these nasty reviews
magically went away.

This author making a fuss,
however, didn’t understand WHY
the rule existed.
She simply wanted it gone.
She didn’t understand
why other writers
weren’t supporting her.

Before changing the rules,
understand why
the rules existed in the first place.

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Sandhya Venkatachalam,
of Centerview Capital,

“Make a list of everything
you have to do
— both large and small.
This not only allows you
to plan ahead better,
but relieves the stress
that comes with forgetting.
Break large projects
(like customer presentations)
into smaller, more actionable tasks
(like creating an outline
for 30 minutes,
reading relevant research reports
for an hour, etc.).”

Breaking large projects
into smaller tasks
not only helps you plan your day
but it increases the likelihood
that you’ll actually start
(and finish) that project.

We can become daunted
by the thought of a large project.
Small tasks, however,
are doable.
We can also sneak these small tasks
into empty slots in our schedule.

Break large projects
into smaller tasks.

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There’s an unwritten rule
in social media land
that we should ALWAYS respond
to a comment.

I agree that we should respond
but ALWAYS responding
will frustrate some readers.


Because there are people
who always need to have
the last word.
They tag a sentence
onto every conversation.
You post ‘Thank you’
and they post ‘No problem.’
You post ‘okay’
and they post ‘I’m glad it’s okay.’

Having the last word
makes them happy.
Our goal is to make customers
(present and future)

Allow some people
to have the last word.

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On one of my non-timely blogs,
I struggled with posts.
I had content.
It was drafting the content
that was challenging.

I’d binge and purge.
Schedule a month’s worth
of posts
in one day
and then not post
for another three months,
leaving two months
with no posts.

As you can imagine,
that ISN’T the way
to build readership.

Then a couple of months ago,
I started pacing myself.
I’d schedule 2 posts
every day
and that was it.
I’m now 4 months ahead
and I haven’t missed a day yet.

This is a technique
I use with many tasks.
I’ll simply double up,
complete two instead of one.

Try doubling up.
It might work for you.

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One of my buddies
is positioned to break out big
as a writer.
This success WILL happen.
She has a great book,
the support of her publisher
and booksellers,
and awesome marketing.

I have a choice
– I can begrudge her
that success
or I can help her celebrate it,
take an active role
in supporting her.

Neither choice
will change her future.
She WILL be successful.
My reaction will have no bearing
on that.

Being bitter about that success
will do nothing
except make me and perhaps her
feel bad.

So I choose to be happy for her.
I feel great about that decision
and who knows?
Her success might help me.

Be happy for your friend’s success.

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Ellen Petry Leanse,
and Apple and Google alum,

“I started paying attention,
at work and beyond.
It didn’t take long to sense something
I hadn’t noticed before:
women used “just”
a lot more often than men.”

“I am all about respectful communication.
Yet I began to notice that
“just” wasn’t about being polite:
it was a subtle message
of subordination,
of deference.
Sometimes it was self-effacing.
Sometimes even duplicitous.
As I started really listening,
I realized that striking it from a phrase
almost always clarified
and strengthened the message.”

One of my early business mentors
told me the same thing.
He would interrupt me
every time I’d use ‘just’
because, as he stated,
it was a sign
that I shouldn’t be listened to.

Eliminate just from your vocabulary.

By k | July 29, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Often, when I’m waiting to fall asleep,
I’ll figure out the solutions
to some of my writing problems.

If I try to keep these solutions
in my brain,
I have trouble relaxing
and can’t fall asleep.

If I take two minutes
and write these solutions down,
I can relax
and fall asleep.

Writing things down
helps us to unwind
on vacations also.

In the July/August 2015
The Costco Connection,
Carole Spiers

“Before you actually
leave the office,
make a to-do list
and “brain-dump”
all outstanding matters
to be addressed
upon your return.
This will help you
clear your mind
so you can relax.”

Write it down
so you can forget about everything
during your vacation.

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One of my pen names
is floundering
in a romance subgenre.
I was trying to figure out why.

Then I realized.
It wasn’t different enough
from the competition.
Yes, my voice is unique
but there wasn’t anything
I could point to
and say
“Hey readers,
you should buy these books
because XYZ.”

Brian Scudamore,
Founder of
(in July/August 2015
The Costco Connection)

“What is your business doing
that is new, exciting and different?
If you’re hearing crickets
when you ask yourself that,
it’s time to get creative.

Differentiating in a competitive market
is the only way to survive and thrive.
Whether it’s a quirky and engaging brand profile
or personalized customer service touches
(or both!),
evaluate why your company
deserves to lead the pack
in your industry.”

Always be different.

By k | July 27, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

We all have strengths and weaknesses.
Much of success is KNOWING
what these strengths and weaknesses

An analysis by Korn Ferry
of 6,977 professionals
at 486 publicly traded companies
determined that

“Poor-performing companies’ professionals
were 79 percent more likely
to have low overall self-awareness
than those at firms with robust ROR.”

Joy Hazucha,
Global Vice President
of the Korn Ferry Institute,

“Self-awareness can directly translate
into better choices,
and result in more fulfilling careers.
On the other hand,
those with low self-awareness
tend to scramble the messages
they receive concerning improvement,
interpreting them as a threat
rather than an opportunity.
They often have an
‘I am what I am’ mentality
and continue doing things
the way they always have.”

Are you in touch
with your TRUE personality?

By k | July 24, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Seth Godin
has a great post
on expectations.

One snippet that I love

“Expectations work
for two reasons.

First, they give us the enthusiasm
and confidence to do hard work.

Second, like a placebo,
they subtly change our attitude,
and give us the resilience
to make it through
the rough spots.
“Eventually” gives us
the energy to persist.

When our culture
(our media,
our power structures,
our society) says,
“people who look like you
shouldn’t expect to have
a life like that,”
we’re stealing.
Stealing from people
capable of achieving more,
and stealing
from our community as well.”

As I’ve mentioned previously
on clientk,
I wasn’t expected to be successful
by many of the people
around me.
They weren’t successful.
They didn’t think that was possible
for me.

But SOME of the people
I met
expected big things from me.
They were so loud with this opinion
that I believed them
and expected it from myself.

As a clientk reader,
I expect equally great things
from you.
You’re intelligent.
You have access to tools
(like a computer
and the internet).
You have everything you need
to become successful.

Expect success for yourself.