By k | February 7, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

We ALL make mistakes.
I make at least one mistake
every damn day.

If someone says
they never make mistakes,
that simply means
they’re not intelligent enough
to recognize their mistakes.

And that’s dangerous
because recognizing your mistakes
is the only way
to survive your mistakes.

The most common sign
you’ve made a mistake
is the immediate reaction
isn’t the one you expected.

You expect the crowd
to laugh at your joke.
There’s silence.

You expect the prospect
to take your product
for a test drive.
She walks away.

You expect your phone
to ring
after the promotion.
Nothing happens.

If the reaction
isn’t what you expected,
ask yourself
‘Did I make a mistake?’

If you’re not certain,
ask a trusted colleague.

By k | February 6, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I have two money making activities
in my romance novel business
- writing
- marketing.

Everything else is busy work.
Yes, it might have to be completed
but it doesn’t increase my income.
It doesn’t pay for things.
It’s overhead.

A loved one is a salesperson.
What truly matters
to his employer
is the sales he brings in.
All of the rest
is merely busy work.

Laura Stack,
founder of
The Productivity Pro,

“Busyness doesn’t necessarily
equal productivity,
no matter how you slice it.

No one really cares
how many hours
you were in the building
or if you finished your to-do list.

People only care about
what you’re able to produce
and the value of those results.”

Complete your income-producing tasks
THEN complete the other items
on your to-do list.

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One of my early book reviews,
received as an unpublished writer
from a contest judge,
“Watching grass grow
is more exciting
than reading your story.”

It was harsh
but this review shaped my career.
When I craft a story,
I always ask myself
if I can make it more exciting.

As a result…
Readers might love my stories.
They might hate my stories.
But they are never bored.

*Meg Graham,
principal at

“To paraphrase Madonna,
I am driven
by a horrible fear
of being mediocre.
I am constantly looking
to push the envelope
on what we do,
what I do.”

No one ever
changed the world
by being mediocre.

Push the envelope.

*University Of Waterloo
Fall 2016

By k | February 3, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

The world is
a very stressful place
right now.
There has been a lot of change
and change is not easy
to deal with.

For many doers,
such as myself,
stress comes from
the feeling that
we don’t have control
over a situation.

The best way,
I find,
for me to alleviate stress
is to take action,
to do something,
to try to make the situation better.

Talking about it
on social media
isn’t enough.

Do something.
Make a change in the world.

By k | February 2, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

The reason Deadpool,
one of the highest earning movies
of last year,
was made
was because a test reel was leaked
to the public.

*Ryan Reynolds

“When the leaked footage
got around the internet,
it created this enormous groundswell.
I credit Twitter users,
Facebook users, and
Instagram users
for getting this movie made.”

I use hints
about upcoming books
to help test storylines.

I might post something like
“I have a great idea
for an unusual shifter story.”
and then I’ll listen to the feedback.

If no comments are posted,
I know there’s no interest.

If readers react positively,
there might be a market.

The key is to be specific enough
to test the idea
but vague enough
to prevent competitors from stealing it.

Consider using
social media to test ideas.

*January 3

By k | February 1, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Science is a collaborative profession.
It is very difficult
to have a scientific breakthrough
working on your own.
It is your knowledge
combined with the knowledge of others
that leads to success.

As Seth Godin

“An idea shared
is worth more
than one kept hidden.
Opportunities passed
from one to another
create connections
which lead to
more opportunities.
Opened doors lead to
forward motion.

Winning doesn’t usually involve
demolishing the opposition.
Instead, for most of us,
it’s about weaving.
A scientist without peers
won’t find a breakthrough
anytime soon.”

So the US decision
about not freely sharing
scientific information
has a HUGE impact.

Scientists now face a choice
- defy the government,
share information,
risk their jobs
and possibly better the world
obey the government decree,
keep their findings to themselves,
maintain their jobs
but not make a difference
in the world.

It is bizarre
that they have to make
this choice
but they do.

And some day,
you might have to make
a similar decision.

Decide NOW
what your most important goal is.
If it isn’t income
(that’s not my most important goal),
you might wish
to set aside savings
so you can stay true
to that goal.

By k | January 31, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

The New York Times Best Seller List
is a bullshit list.

It isn’t based on sales.
If it were,
romance would take up
almost all of the slots
on the fiction list.

It is what they call
a curated list
which means
someone chooses which books
to put on the list.

They prefer not to put
romance on their list.
Sure, they put
a couple romance novels
so the list doesn’t look that fake
but those books
usually either
have outrageously high sales
there’s some sort of connection
to the paper.

This month,
it became even more difficult
to make the list
as they eliminated
the eBook list completely
and reduced the combined list
to 15 slots.

when romance writers
talk about goals,
almost half of the writers
“Make the NYT Best Seller List”
as one of their goals.

If that is their goal,
they likely shouldn’t
be writing romance.

When setting your goals,
ensure that
a) it is achievable
b) you WANT to spend
time and money
achieving it.

By k | January 30, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

The ACLU had their first win
on Saturday
against the Executive Orders
being signed.

Suddenly the situation
went from hopeless
‘We can do this.’

On Sunday,
I saw hundreds of Facebook posts
with people
pledging support to
the ACLU.

THIS is the power
of the first win.
This first win could be
the first sale,
the first customer meeting,
the first returned phone call.

It shows others
that it is possible,
that there is hope.

Focus on that first win
and when you achieve it,
tell everyone about it.

By k | January 28, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

The big New York publishers
have been broadcasting
that growth in eBooks has stopped.

That’s based on THEIR sales.
55% of romance sales,
the biggest genre,
are now Indie.
Their eBook sales have increased.

eBook is now over two-thirds
of ALL sales.

96% of romance sales
were in eBook form.

THIS is why
the source of the information
we base our business decisions upon
are key.

When I looked at the
New York Publisher data,
I was tempted to invest
in print
(which is costly).
That would have been
a mistake.

Look at the source
of your data
before making decisions.

By k | January 27, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Anyone in the real estate business
can likely tell you
why a certain person
is very keen on building a wall.

I’ve worked
in the finance department
of a large real estate developer.
It is pretty damn obvious
to me.

It’s the same reason
organized crime loves real estate
(and yes,
I’ve dealt with them also).

It is very easy
to move large sums of money
while minimizing taxes
(and, of course, detection).

My company hires your company
to, say, build a wall.
Your company inflates the invoices.
You give me
(personal me,
not my company)
a portion
of the profits
(under the table
aka off the accounting books).
I get money out of my company
tax free.
Your company hires
friends and family members
to inflate your costs
so it doesn’t have to pay taxes.
My shareholders
(or, in this case, taxpayers)
don’t see the withdrawals.
They’re completely ignorant
of the under-the-table transactions.

It is illegal
and it is definitely tax evasion
but it is very difficult
to trace
and not that many companies
get caught
(especially when your family
has been doing this
for generations).

I suspect a certain person
will be dead
before he’s caught.

What does this have to do
with you and me
and business building?

There will be a backlash
against business
when this is finally uncovered.

The time to build your business
years before
the shit hits the fan.