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I host writer interviews
on one of my blogs.
Today, I posted an interview
with a paranormal writer
who recently published
a SciFi story.

She talked about how
she doesn’t read SciFi
and doesn’t enjoy
SciFi movies or TV shows.
She wrote this story
as a SciFi
because she couldn’t make it work
as a paranormal.

She wonders
why she hasn’t sold many copies.

To have the support
of a community,
you have to be part
of the community.

Make an effort
to get to know
and understand
your prospective customers.

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When AMC launched
Fear The Walking Dead,
the spin off from
their hit TV show,
The Walking Dead,
they scheduled it
when The Walking Dead
was on break.

An obvious decision,
you say?

Maybe but it is an obvious decision
few stations make.
Normally the spin off is scheduled
to play during the same months,
perhaps even during the same day,
the same hour.

Some of my writing buddies
release multiple books
on the same day.
Yes, the same day.
Super fans on a budget
are forced to decide
which book to buy.

The world is competitive
as it is.
Time product releases
so you don’t compete with yourself.

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Theft can be a significant cost
for small business owners.

At one retailer I worked with,
an entire order of a popular offering
was shoplifted
before a single unit was sold.

What are some tips
to reduce shoplifting?

Harvey Meyer,
in the November/December 2015
The Costco Connection,

“Keep aisles clear,
shelves tidy and
displays low to enhance visibility.
Provide adequate lighting throughout
and install an “annunciator”
that sounds off when customers enter.
And place checkout registers
near exits
to facilitate customer monitoring.”

“Lock small valuable items
in cabinets or secure places,
and place pricey merchandise
away from store exits.
Alternate the direction of hangers on racks,
some of which should be bolted down,
to make it harder to grab and run.
And while it can be expensive,
consider affixing an electronic tag
to products.”

There are ways to do all of this
while not damaging the experience
for legitimate shoppers.
For example:
The salespeople could treat
the shoppers interested in the locked up items
as ‘premium shoppers.’
Those items aren’t for just anyone.

Make efforts to reduce
the cost of theft.

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November is
NAtional NOvel WRiting MOnth.
Writers are challenged
to write 50,000 fresh words
during November.

Many writers love NaNoWriMo.
Because they have a reason
to focus on writing.
They can tell friends and family
that during this month,
during these 30 days,
they’ll be concentrating
on their stories.

Loved ones realize
this will only be
for 30 days.
Anyone can support someone
for that length of time.

I do this
whenever I have a push project.
I’ll tell my loved ones
that I’ll be very busy for X days.
They’re accepting of that
because after X days,
I’ll be back,
spending time with them.

If you’re going to concentrate
on your business,
tell your loved ones
how long
you’ll be heads down, working.
They’ll likely be much more supportive.

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One of my stories
has been a bit of a sleeper hit.
It sold okay release week
but, since then, sales have continued.

This is because readers like the story
and are telling their friends about it.

The follow up story is releasing
in November.
I intentionally looked at components
of the first story
– the darkness, the twists,
the humor, the tenderness
– and ensured the second story
had these.

Because that’s what happy customers want
– they want more of the same
but perhaps even better.

What should you duplicate
and what can you improve?
Your customers will tell you
(either on social media
or in other ways).

Give happy customers
more of the same.

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I write every day.
I promote every day.
I blog here every day.

I get stories written
and books sold.

But as Seth Godin

“More important than the output,
is the act itself.
The act of doing it every day.
When you commit to a practice,
you will certainly have days
when you don’t feel like it,
when you believe
it’s not your best work,
when the muse deserts you.
But, when you keep your commitment,
the muse returns.
When you keep your commitment,
the work happens.”

This is true of art,
of marketing,
of sales.

Did you create today?
Did you promote your product today?
Did you see a customer today?

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Some of my fellow writers
refuse to read
books in the same genres
they write.
They feel they’ll subconsciously copy
the other writers’ works.

My issue is…
how do they know
they’re NOT already copying
other writers’ works?

How do they know
they’re bringing new, fresh ideas
to their genre
if they don’t read in it?

How do they know
they’re giving readers
in that genre
what they want
if they don’t know
what readers are buying?

The benefits to knowing
all about your competitors
far outweigh
the downfalls.
Know your industry.
Know what makes you special.

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A month and a half after release,
one of my stories
is still in the top 20
for its categories on Amazon.

Five years ago,
I would worry
that this story would run out
of readership.

Fifty Shades Of Grey
has proven that
this won’t happen any time soon.
4 years after first releasing,
Fifty Shades is still on bestseller lists.
It has sold over 125 million copies.

So I continue to market
my story,
knowing there are still readers
who haven’t yet bought it.

How many units
has the top selling product
in your industry sold?

When you reach that level of sales,
THEN you can consider
taking it easy with the marketing.
‘Til then, keeping marketing.

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Some of my most
financially successful books
are written in a niche
not many readers buy.

The few readers who do buy
in this niche
buy everything.
They’re not a big enough market
to put me on
the New York Times Bestseller Lists
but they definitely are big enough
to pay the bills.

Scott Ginsberg

“I heard an interview
with veteran television producer
who made a fascinating point
about network ratings.
I’ll never forget his words.

‘Ninety nine out of a hundred people
aren’t watching my show,
and I’m a millionaire.’”

You don’t have to sell to everyone
to be a success.

By k | October 19, 2015 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Newton’s First Law states

“An object at rest
stays at rest
an object in motion
stays in motion
with the same speed
and in the same direction
unless acted upon
by an unbalanced force.”

This applies to almost all aspects
of business.
It is easier to stay in motion
than start and stop.

It is easier to promote
if we promote regularly.
It is easier to create
when we create regularly.

My experience is
it gets even easier.
When I promote regularly,
my readers (customers)
and other partners
suggest other ways to promote.

The easiest way
to get a new writing project
is to work on a current writing project
(and talk about it).

Take the easy way.
Keep moving.