By k | January 2, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Coca-Cola makes
a good portion of their profits
from selling
classic Coca-Cola.

McDonald’s makes
a good portion of their profits
from selling
Big Macs and French Fries.

I have 2 titles
in my 150 plus backlist
that earn me
most of my profit every month.

Seth Godin

“Book publishers make
more than 90% of their profit
from books they published
more than six months ago.

And yet they put
2% of their effort
into promoting and selling
those books.

Editors, agents, salespeople
all focus on what’s new,
instead of what works.”

New is exciting
but our classic products,
our backlist,
often pays the bills.

Every time I promote
my two bestselling titles,
I see a huge lift in sales.

Don’t forget about
your classic products.
Promote them also.

By k | January 1, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Every year,
I give readers a short story
as a thank you
for supporting my books.
This story is professionally edited,
has a professional cover.

The first time
I did it,
haters called it a gimmick.
I’m doing it
to increase sales,
they said.

The second time
I did it,
haters grumbled
about it giving readers
the expectation of free
but they didn’t say
it was purely to increase sales.

It was now
part of my branding.
My readers get free short stories
in December.

If you do it once,
it’s a gimmick.

Do it twice
and it is part of your branding.

Both are fine
but realize
the expectations you’re setting.

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A common meme
on social media
is 2016 was one of the worst years
in recent history.

But was it?

One of the indicators
people point to
is the number of celebrity deaths.

Yes, it was high
but so was
the number of celebrity births.
More people were born
than died in 2016
yet no one talks about the births.

This is true of almost every factor.
We look at the divorces,
not the marriages,
the job losses,
not the new jobs,
the disasters,
not the happy surprises.

When you think about this year,
think about
both the positives
and the negatives.

The biggest positive?
You’re here.
You can make 2017
the best year ever.

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People call me
Yes, I AM lucky.
Some of my success
is definitely due to luck.

But a bigger part
is due to hard work
and persistence.

Che Marville

“It’s not luck
that makes a good life.
It’s effort, skill,
and resilience.

It’s not luck
that gives you another chance;
it’s courage and faith.

It’s everything
that is already in you
applied to this very moment.”

Don’t sit back
and wait for luck.
Get to work.

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If you grow
as a person,
if you try new things,
if you get
out of your comfort zone,
if you take a risk,
any risk,
you WILL make mistakes.

That’s simply part
of that experience.
It is the price
of making a difference,
of being an interesting person,
of living life to the fullest.

Salma Hayek,

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
It is better
than to do nothing
and learn nothing
and not evolve.”

There are worse things
in life
than making a mistake.

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Writers have an event
in November
Everyone is given
the goal of
writing 50,000 words in the month.

The unpublished writers
wait until November 1st.
They’re most concerned
about ‘winning’ the contest.

The published writers
start writing
as soon as they have a great idea.
They don’t ‘win’ the contest
but they achieve their goals.

Right now,
there are millions of people
waiting for January 1st
to start working on
their goals for 2017.

I’m starting today.
Don’t wait.
Join me.
Start today.

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When I first started writing
I’d write 100 fresh words a day.
That was it.
100 fresh words.

At first,
that was a tough goal
but as writing became a habit,
the goal became easier.

Then I increased that goal
by 20 words.
When that became comfortable,
I increased it again.

By the time I quit
my full time business gig,
that goal had increased
to 500 words a day.

Seth Godin

“Each of us is capable of
just a little more.
A little more patience,
a little more insight,
a little more generosity.

And if you can do a little more,
then, of course,
you can repeat those changes
until you’ve done a lot more.”

If you do a little bit more
every day,
you’ll eventually be
an unstoppable force.

By k | December 25, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

If you could receive
one gift
from your business
what would it be?

Would it be income?
A chance to change the world?
More time with your family?

Close your eyes
and think about it
for a couple minutes.

THAT is your ultimate goal
for the business
you’re building.
THAT one thing
should be guiding
your decisions.

Know what you want.
That will increase the odds
you’ll receive
that gift.

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Some types of romance novels
are quick readership builds.
Release them
and they either do well
right away
or they never do well.

There are other types
of romance novels
that are slow readership builds.
They take months
of constant marketing
to build their readerships.

Big publishers
aka big companies
need to get a return
for their investors right away.
They think in quarters,
in three month cycles.

They don’t normally touch
the slow build type
of novels.
If they do,
they usually stop marketing them
long before
they find their readerships.

THESE are the type of novels,
I, as a small business,
as a self publisher,
like to produce.
The market is still there
but there’s less competition
and the folks who play in that space
don’t have the big business advantage.

In your industry,
there are likely slow build products
Consider them.

By k | December 23, 2016 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

It is two days
until Christmas.
Whether you celebrate it
as a holiday
or merely as a family day,
consider clearing your schedule
for the day.

Spend it with the people
you love
or/and spend it doing the things
you love.

That might mean
working like a fury today
and tomorrow.

That’s what I’m doing.
I’m writing the words
(developing product),
promoting and selling
so I can minimize work
on the 25th.

(I can’t eliminate all work
as the 25th and the 26th
are traditionally the two best sales days
for eBooks
in the entire year.)

Work hard today
so you can take it easy
on Sunday.