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If you’re a woman
and building a business,
you WILL deal
with sexist trolls.

Heck, if you’re a woman
and doing anything,
you will deal with them.

And if you have daughters,
they will deal with them also.

I receive sexist comments
from trolls
on client k
all the time.
It is one of the reasons
I have comment moderating on.

If they’re not alarmingly personal,
I delete them
and move on.
If they are alarmingly personal,
I contact the police.

Others deal with them
with humor.

Jade Hameister,
a 16 year old
Australian explorer,
posted a photo of her
holding a sandwich
at the South Pole

“I skied back to the Pole again …
to take this photo
for all those men
who commented
‘Make me a sandwich’
on my TEDX Talk.

I made you a sandwich
(ham & cheese),
now ski 37 days
and 600km
to the South Pole
and you can eat it xx.”

She’s 16, a child,
and she’s receiving these sexist comments.

If you’re a woman,
you’ll receive them too.
Be cautious
but don’t let the comments stop you.

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