By k | January 31, 2018 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

There are some areas
in which
citing specific numbers
is preferred.

Marketing is not one
of those areas.

I saw a writer
promote her book
as having 133 copies sold.

She thought that was a great number,
believed sharing it
would drive other folks
to buy her book.

Knowing only 133 copies
had been sold
made me
LESS likely to buy her book.

If she had,
marketed it as
‘My best selling book’,
I likely would have bought it.

One of my books
was determined by a big blog site
to be the 5th best book of 2017
in my niche.
I promote is as
‘One of the best [the niche] books of 2017.’
Readers don’t need to know
4 other books were deemed to be better.

Unless the numbers are super impressive
(#1 in the category or
has sold billions),
don’t use them
in your marketing.

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