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When you have a bit of success,
you WILL hear people
talking about you negatively.

The thing is…
it’s highly likely
these people have ALWAYS
talked negatively
about you…and others.

It is merely
when you have success,
they talk more openly.
They believe you can ‘take it’
or they’re doing the world
a public service
by ‘keeping you humble.’

F*ck them.

There are billions of people
in this world
and many of those people
would be happy for you.
They want to help you.
Concentrate on those people.

Seth Godin

“People have been
talking about you
behind your back
ever since fifth grade.
Now, of course,
you can eavesdrop
whenever you choose.

Turn it off.
Walk away.
Accept the lack of perfect.

Better to make something important

The talk has always been there
and will always be there.
Don’t let it stop you
from changing the world.

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