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Every time I write a book,
I don’t know
if the book will work.
I don’t know
if it will sell.
I don’t know
if I’ll earn back my investment.

Yes, I can increase
the likelihood of all of this happening
but I can’t guarantee it WILL happen.

There’s risk.
And for me,
that’s the essence of being an entrepreneur.
We have control
but we will always also have risk.

Seth Godin
defines an entrepreneur
as doing four things.

“1. They make decisions.

2. They invest in activities
and assets that aren’t a sure thing.

3. They persuade others
to support a mission
with a non-guaranteed outcome.

4. This one is the most amorphous,
the most difficult to pin down
and thus the juiciest:
They embrace
(instead of run from)
the work of doing things
that might not work.”

Again, risk is key.

If you decide
to build businesses,
you WILL take risks.
Accept that
as being part of the journey.

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