By k | January 11, 2018 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

I’ve talked about
how the average person
is selfish.
She only cares
about herself,
about her issues.

This is why
taking action
on big issues,
issues with consequences in the far future,
like the environment,
are such a hard sell.

The real problems
stemming from our actions
or lack of actions
will happen after we’re dead.
Our children
or grandchildren
or great-grandchildren
will have to deal with the fallout.

And the average person,
myself included,
isn’t thinking about
these people right now.
She is focused on herself.

Leaving the world
a better place
isn’t a great motivator.

If you want to motivate people
to take actions on these issues,
figure out a way to make it
have it affect THEM.

This might be as simple
as putting their names
on a plaque
for their loved ones to see.

If you’re selling the far future,
try to make the benefits
personal and immediate.

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