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The business you’re building
might be selling
a product or a service
but it is also selling an emotion.

That emotion could be fear,
pride, envy, security,
surprise, or countless others.

In the Romance Novel Business,
as with many entertainment industries,
we’re selling happiness
(also love, optimism and hope).

My books (products) are designed
to give the reader (customer)
a shot of happiness at the end.

Knowing this,
I try to craft
all of my marketing
and other material
to also give the reader (customer)
a shot of happiness.

That is my branding.
That is the emotion
I want associated with my pen names.

Any negative emotions
I communicate
can mess with that branding.
This doesn’t mean
I’m happy-happy all the time
but I keep that in mind
when I’m not-so-happy.

What emotion are you selling?
Does your marketing and sales material
reflect this?

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