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New is scary
for many of us.

Sometimes as business builders,
we forget this.

Because we’ve been working
with our products/services
for days, months, years,
we often also forget
how new our offerings are.

Seth Godin

“…having an experience
for the first time
is frightening.
So we try to avoid the fear
by simulating it,
putting the experience into a box
that makes it like
something else we’ve done,
something that’s safe.”

The Romance Novel Business
does this very well.

Every story is unique.
I’ve written stories
with cannibal heroes,
post apocalyptic events.
That can be scary for readers
but because the stories
are classified as romance,
because readers are assured
there will be a romantic
happy ever after or happy for now
at the end of the stories,
readers take a chance on them.

Framing the new with the old
can make your offering
less scary for prospects/customers.

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