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Today is December 31st.
Many of us will be making
New Year’s Resolutions tonight.
We will be dreaming
and planning
for our perfect 2018.

Dreaming and planning
is fun.
It’s easy.

What determines
our success with these goals,
with these resolutions
is what we’re willing to do
and often willing to sacrifice
to achieve them.

Mark Manson

“If I ask you,
“What do you want out of life?”
and you say something like,
“I want to be happy
and have a great family
and a job I like,”
it’s so ubiquitous
that it doesn’t even mean anything.

A more interesting question,
a question that perhaps
you’ve never considered before,
is what pain do you want in your life?
What are you willing to struggle for?
Because that seems to be
a greater determinant
of how our lives turn out.”

What goals are you willing
to struggle to achieve?

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