By k | December 26, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

being the day after Christmas,
is normally when I look at
the wonderful presents I’ve been given,
evaluate what I will use
and what I won’t ever use.

The gifts I won’t ever use
are re-distributed.


Because giving the gift away
might benefit
someone else.

Holding onto it
won’t benefit anyone
and has a cost to it.
I must store the item.

I try to redistribute the gifts
as soon as possible.
The quicker I do this,
the more valuable
the redistribution often is
to others
(especially in the case
of trendy or fad gifts).

This makes me feel good
but I have a selfish reason
for doing this also.
I’m hoping someone redistributes
something I need
to me.

I do the same thing
with business leads,
and opportunities
I don’t want.

I redistribute them
and often,
in return,
I receive what I truly want.

Consider redistributing
the gifts you don’t need.

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