By k | December 24, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

I sent out a newsletter recently.
All of the links were wrong.
All of them.
The text appeared correct
but when it was clicked on,
subscribers were sent
to the wrong book.

I knew I had to send out
another newsletter
with the correct links.
I also knew that would likely
irritate readers.
They would view me
as being spamtastic.

So I wrote a super short story
around the links,
why they were wrong
(hinting that one of my characters
was responsible).

Readers LOVED it.
They wrote back,
telling me that sounded like
the character,
that they couldn’t wait to read
what he’d done next.

A disaster became a win.

Not all errors
have to have negative consequences.
See if you can put
a positive or entertaining spin
on the situation.

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