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I know when a story of mine
hits 1,000 units sold,
sales will likely take off.

That’s the minimum critical mass
for success
in my niche.

That’s the point
when word of mouth
starts to really sell product.

Seth Godin

“…the best marketers
do three things
to increase their chances:

They engineer the product itself
to be worth talking about.
They create a virtuous cycle
where the product works better
for existing users
when their friends are also using it,
or a cultural imperative
where users feel better
when they recommend it.

They choose their seed market carefully.
They focus on groups
that are not only easy to reach,
but important to reach.
This might be a tightly-knit group
(like Harvard)
or a group that shares
a similar demographic
(like the early readers
of Fast Company)
or a group that’s itching to take action…

They’re hyper-aware of the MCM
and know whether or not
they have the time
and the budget
to reach it.”

Know your minimum critical mass
and know whether or not
that is achievable for your product/service.

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