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New writers
(new businesses)
often ask me
how I built my readership
(customer base).

How did I do it?

One reader (customer)
at a time.
I would talk to them
about 8 times
before they bought my book

Then, if they liked it,
I asked if I could post their comment.
Often they would be so happy;
they’d share that comment
on their own social media.

And word of mouth spread.

Denise Smith,
owner and operator of
Pump It Up,

“We had to develop
relationships with
local child care centers,
after-school programs,
community recreation centers
and others
to create brand awareness
about this new business.

Our strongest small business
marketing strategy
was very grassroots.
In 2005,
while we never missed the opportunity
to place ads in parenting magazines,
word of mouth
was the biggest thing we did.
We found that turning guests
of one party into hosts
for the next
would be our winning strategy.”

Word of mouth is still
one of the most powerful
marketing techniques.
Encourage it!

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