By k | November 13, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Folks, especially other writers,
often ask me for advice.
But many times,
they don’t truly want to hear it.
They want my approval
for whatever they plan to do.

In the past,
I would give my advice
and give them the why behind it.

I don’t
and this saves SO much time.

a writer asked me
if she should continue to pay
for developmental edits
now that she is published.

I told her
developmental edits
are even MORE important

I stopped there.
I didn’t tell her why.

Her response?
“I believe my money is better spent elsewhere
and this is why
(long tirade about marketing
being more important
than having a good book)”.

Good for her.
And good for me.
I can save the time
I would have tossed away
explaining the why behind my answer
and spend it on writing.

People who truly care
about your advice
will ask why.
Don’t waste your time
on the other people
(who have no shame
about wasting your time).

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