By k | November 12, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Sales

There are a variety of ways
to obtain my books
(my products).
There’s the most expensive option
- buying them.
And there’s the least expensive option
- borrowing them from the library.

Of course, I would prefer
that every reader (customer)
obtain my books
via the most expensive option
(buying them).
That’s more profitable for me.

But when a reader asks or hints
about less expensive options,
I tell them how to obtain
my books at their local libraries.


Because they’ll find out
about that option anyway.
They might already know about it.
By mentioning it,
I am showing them
they can trust me.

I wouldn’t suggest
you volunteer information
about your least expensive option
but if prospects ask,
definitely consider mentioning it.

Your prospects will likely
find out about it anyway.

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