By k | November 7, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Many of us know
the moment
we decided we’d eventually
be our own bosses.

My moment was
when I set up a veggie stand
with my siblings
and we made more money
in an hour
than I usually made in a month
AND we had no one
making rules for us.

When entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary
was a teenager,
he had a job at an ice cream parlor.
The owner asked him
to scrape the gum off the floor.
He said no
and was fired.

His Mom told him,
“There’s two types of people
in the world:
those that own the store
and those that scrape
the shit off the floor,
and you have to decide
which one you are.”

He decided to be an owner
and never worked for another person
after that.

When business gets tough,
and it DOES get tough,
remember the moment
you decided to build businesses,
the moment
you knew this was what
you were MEANT to do.

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