By k | November 5, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

One of the dangers
of working for yourself
is not being accountable
to others,
especially about deadlines.

We can do our work,
unveil the next product
any time
- today, next week,
ten years from now.

It is tempting
to put off these tasks
until tomorrow
again and again.

If I did that,
in the constant release loving
Romance Industry,
my sales would plummet.

So I give myself deadlines
and I share those deadlines
with others,
business partners
and customers.

Seth Godin

“If you’re having trouble shipping,
it might because you’ve hesitated
to put a date on it.
“Soon” is a very different concept
than, “11:00 am”.

If it’s important enough
to spend your day on,
to pin your dreams on,
to promise to yourself and others,
it’s probably important enough
to guarantee a ship date.”

If it is important,
give it a deadline.

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