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I alternate types of posts
on Facebook.
One post will be something silly
- a joke or an interesting story
or a funny photo.
The next post will be about my books
(my products).
It will have buy links and other information.

The funny posts get quite a few likes
and shares and comments.
The book posts often look like
there’s no interaction.

The thing is…
the funny posts don’t directly give me sales.
The book posts sell.
It might look like
no one is paying attention to the book posts
but my sales tell a different story.

Seth Godin

“…one thing to measure
is attention.
How many likes or shares or views
did it get?

But if you’re going
to optimize for attention,
not trust
or results
or contribution,
then you’re on a very dangerous road.”

Attention is great
but it doesn’t put product
in customers’ hands.
Make certain you have a mix
of different posts.

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