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A poll says
more than 55% of white folks
in America
believe white folks

are discriminated against.

Only a small percentage
have personally been discriminated against.
The majority think
it is happening to other people.

An aspiring romance writer
complained recently
about being discriminated against
because her books featured all white characters.
She blamed the diversity in romance movement
(which hasn’t yet been very successful)
for her rejections by publishers and agents.

Here’s a quick test
for whether or not true discrimination
is happening to you
- if the majority of successful people
in the industry/group/company
are like you,
discrimination isn’t likely the reason
you didn’t get the job/contract/opportunity.

It was something else.
And blaming discrimination
won’t help you fix
that something else.

Study the company/person
who was successful.
I suspect that company/person
has something else
you don’t have
yet can obtain.

Set yourself up for success
next time.

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