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The first thing I do
when I complete a book
is register the copyright.
Yes, technically,
a literary work is copyrighted
as soon as it appears on screen or paper
but registering the copyright
adds an extra layer of protection.

Publishers and movie studios
and other companies
know this.

Which is why they’ll register
their own copyright
as well.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“It doesn’t matter
if your copyright is registered,
the expert said.
They’ll register anyway,
even before they’ve started
production on anything.

The strategy is
to create confusion
over who owns the copyright,
and it’ll take litigation
to straighten that confusion out.”

One of the ways
copyright squatters
strengthen their claim
is by uncovering your copyright number
and then inputting that
on the new application.

Be careful about
sharing your copyright number
and information.

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