By k | October 31, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

kids in North America
will be dressing up
as their favorite characters.

They are telling us visually
‘I have chosen THIS costume
out of all the thousands
of costumes available.
THIS is the character
I want to be.’

As I’m in the writing business,
I look for the fictional characters,
the characters with strong stories.
What about these stories
appeals to the kids?
What is common in all of them?

If I was in the marketing business
(and aren’t we ALL in the marketing business?),
I’d look for colors.
Is there a certain shade of blue
that is popular?
(With book covers, the hot color
is turquoise.)
Is there a unique color combination
I can borrow and use?

Kids might not be
our current customers
but they will be our future customers.
Pay attention
to what they like.

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