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One of my writing buddies
has a very successful series
(product line).
Her covers (packaging)
for this series
is distinctive.
As soon as I see the cover,
I know it is her book.

So, of course,
another writer (the competition)
is now
copying her style,
putting similar type covers
on her books,
hoping to interest
my friend’s readership
(customer base).

There’s not much
my friend can do about this.
The covers, titles, etc
are different.
Copyrighting a style is difficult.

So my friend changed
her style,
hoping to differentiate herself.

Yes, I can hear that collective groan.
That was the worst thing
she could do.
She has handed her readership
to the other writer.

If the competition imitates you,
that’s a great opportunity for a
‘When you’re the best,
others imitate you’

It is NOT time to change
your product.

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