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KFC reportedly follows
only 11 people
- 5 Spice Girls
and 6 guys named Herb.

Yes, this is a nod to
their famous
11 herbs and spices.
Super clever
and this Easter Egg has gone viral.

An Easter Egg is
“a hidden message,
as a cryptic reference,
iconic image, or inside joke,
that fans are intended to discover
in a television show or movie.”

I put these in my stories
and often in my marketing campaigns.
Readers (customers) love them.
They feel clever for discovering them
and tend to share them,
to ’show off’ their intelligence.

The best part of this is
it’s usually free to do!
And any business can do it.

Live on 692 Main Street?
Follow 692 people.
Have a 99 cent special?
List creative silly things
folks can do
with their pennies back.

And don’t tell people
what you’re doing.
Let THEM figure it out.

Your customers are intelligent.
Trust in that intelligence.
And have fun
with your marketing.

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