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There was an awareness campaign
this week
about sexual harassment
and sexual assault.
Any woman who had experienced this
was encouraged to put
Me Too on her social media status.

Almost every woman did this
because almost every woman
has been sexually harassed
or sexually assaulted.
(I have been.)

Then came the usual male push back.
Men are worried about being fired
because they’ve been wrongfully accused.

I understand.
A male loved one was recently fired
when he was wrongfully accused.
It DOES happen.

But it is less likely to happen
if men take the same precautions
women have been taking
…well… all our lives.

Don’t be alone with a person
you don’t trust.
Don’t say anything
that might be misconstrued.
Don’t behave unprofessionally.

If you want the full list,
ask any woman.
She thinks about this
on a daily basis.

Will it eliminate all of the danger
of being falsely accused?
Considering it hasn’t eliminated
all of the danger
of being sexually harassed or assaulted,
I doubt it.
But it will reduce the risk.

If you’re male
and worried about being falsely accused,
ask a woman
for advice on how to increase your safety.

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