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Right now,
there’s likely someone in your group
who is intentionally underachieving.

She sees the goal
and intentionally underdelivers
on it.
If the goal is a 3 star review,
she gives a 2 star review.
If the goal is a 5 star review,
she gives a 4 star review.

There are emotional reasons
why she does this
but the important thing to know is
she does this.

And she will do this
with ANY goal.

Seth Godin

“When leading a team,
it’s tempting to slow things down
for the people near the back of the pack.

It doesn’t matter, though.

They’ll just slow down more.
They like it back there.
In fact, if your goal is
to get the tribe somewhere,
it pays to speed up,
not slow down.

They’ll catch up.”

You can never slow down enough
to make an underachiever
meet a goal.

Set your goals high.

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