By k | September 28, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

In almost every industry,
there is a proven ‘fact’
being disputed.
In the medical industry,
this is the effectiveness of vaccines.
In the energy industry,
this is the existence of climate change.
In the romance novel industry,
this is reader adaptation of eBooks.

The folks heading these disputes
of the facts
are almost always the old guard,
the established companies,
the giants.

They have a vested interest
in fighting these facts.

As business builders,
as the new kids on the block,
we don’t.
We can build our businesses
around these facts.
We can embrace the future.

many of the established businesses,
the businesses disputing the facts,
are also preparing for a time
when these facts are undeniable.)

Build your business
around facts.

(Seth Godin has a great post
about this.)

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