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My Romance Novel Business
wasn’t the first business
I’ve launched.

I made many attempts
at other business ideas.
Some broke even
but didn’t grow.
Some failed.

Logic says
the failures should have
dissuaded me
from starting another business.

They didn’t.
If anything,
they convinced me more
that I was meant
for business building.

I had DONE it.
The venture might not
have been successful
but how many people
could say
they started a business?
Not many.

In August’s
West Jet Magazine,
Chris Riccobono,
co-founder of UNTUCKit,

“I tried to escape
the corporate world
a few times.

I launched a video wine blog
in 2009
[called Pardon That Vine]
because of my love of wine,
especially from Italy, France,
and California,
and because I wanted to
try my own business
- I don’t like
working for other people.
I tried to make it into a business,
but it wasn’t meant to be.

It did give me confidence
to attempt something else,

Don’t be afraid
of failures.
Allow them to fuel you.

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