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If you’re a business builder
and you’re female,
your appearance
will be supplied
as a reason
for your imminent failure.

If you’re young/small/beautiful,
you’ll be told
no one will take you seriously.

If you’re older/curvy/not beautiful,
you’ll be told
no one will want to buy from you.

This has happened
to EVERY successful female business builder
but you know what?
These naysayers were wrong
about these now successful women
and they are wrong
about you.

Jamie Kern Lima,
Co-Founder of
IT Cosmetics,

“And a defining moment happened.
I met with a potential investor
who was a pretty big deal
in private equity
at the time
and after diligence,
he decided to pass
on investing in IT cosmetics.

And I’ll never forget
when I asked him why.
He said to me,
‘I’m just not sure
women would buy makeup
from someone
who looks like you
– you know,
with your body
and your weight.’

And I remember
looking at him straight in the eyes,
kind of in shock,
and I felt something
deep down inside myself
that said
‘No. You are wrong.
And if by chance, he’s right,
I’m going to make it
my mission to change that.’”

People WILL buy
from someone like you.
People WILL
take someone like you

Build that business.
Don’t allow comments
about your appearance
stop you.

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