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The average person
has 2.24 credit cards
3.14 people in his/her family.

The average person
isn’t your target market
because the average person
doesn’t exist.

Seth Godin

“It’s tempting to look at
pop music, network TV
and the latest hot fashion
and come to the conclusion
that the recipe for success
is to focus group everyone,
average it up
and make something
that pleases the big hump
in the middle,
while not offending
most of the outliers.

But few things are up
for a majority-rule vote.
Instead, the tail keeps getting longer,
and choice begets more choice.
As a result,
people don’t need
to abandon their hump
to head
to the non-existent middle.”

If your target market
is the average person,
consider rethinking your strategy.

Trying to please the average person
means not pleasing
anyone at all.

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