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I can’t believe
this has to be posted
but I guess it does.

If you want to keep
your customers,
care for them.

If they contact you
and they’re upset,
don’t interrupt them
to say
it isn’t your problem
or it’s the system
or some other bullshit.

Listen to them.

You don’t have to
fix all of their problems,
though that would be great.
Listening alone
will make them feel better.

Seth Godin

“By not caring,
by not expressing any empathy,
this individual denied themselves
their own humanity.

By putting up a brick wall,
they isolate themselves.
Not only do they destroy
any hope for word of mouth,
they heap disrespect on someone else.

By working so hard to not engage
(in the vain hope that
this will somehow keep them clean),
they end up in the mud,
never again to receive
the benefit of the doubt.”

Care for your customers.

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