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One of my writing buddies
asked me,
“Why any writer would go through
a publisher?”

One answer?
Cash Flow.

Sure, if she self-pubbed,
she would keep all of her revenue
but she would also be responsible
for all of her expenses.
It is highly likely
that, as a new writer,
her cash flow would be negative.

Negative cash flow
kills businesses.
It is the number one
cause of death
for new ventures.

so-and-so was profitable
with her first book (product).

So-and-so was the exception.

Guy Kawasaki

“Don’t believe that
the exception is the rule.

This is called the Twitter Effect.
It goes like this,
“We’re focusing on usage and eyeballs
like Twitter.
We’re not that concerned
about revenue right now.
Look how valuable
everyone thinks Twitter is.
We’ll be just like that.”

Twitter is the exception.
Facebook is the exception.
YouTube is the exception.
I listed all the exceptions.
Everyone else needs revenue asap,
or you might fail.”

Consider forgoing revenue
for greater cash flow.
Cash flow is and will always be

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