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In every industry,
there are bare minimums
we must give to

In the Romance Novel Business,
for example,
stories have to have
a romantic Happy Ever After
or Happy For Now.
Readers (customers) have to care
about the couple (or more).

That’s the bare minimum
(and the so-called ‘formula’
non-Romance folks continuously talk about).
Writers/publishers won’t wow
readers (customers) with these factors
because they’re expected,
but readers will be angry
if they’re missing.

Seth Godin

“Every time
you add one of these factors
to consumer or employee expectation,
you’ve signed up for
a lifetime
of providing that benefit.
You’ve made it more difficult
for the competition
to keep up.
And you’ve raised the standards
for everyone.

They’re important,
but their presence doesn’t motivate people.
It’s only when they disappear
that we think about them.”

Know what the bare minimum is.
Ensure you meet it.
Think about surpassing it.

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