One of my writing buddies
is about to do something
with her very successful business.

Readers (her customers)
are rumbling about
how unhappy they are
with the change.

The problem is…
my buddy does NOT like it
when people disagree with her.
We all know this
so we’re staying silent.

She’ll hopefully survive
this disaster
but it will cost her.

In contrast,
my readers (customers)
tell me when I use one word wrong
in a one hundred thousand word story.
They feel comfortable
telling me I’m wrong.

Cheri Beranek,
CEO of Clearfield,

“Sometimes the hardest thing
for an employee to do
is tell their manager
they are wrong.

I am not as good at this
as I’d like,
but having thick skin
and the ability to take
upward constructive criticism
will go much farther
than any fancy scorecard.”

If you want to avoid
costly mistakes,
make it easy and acceptable
for people
to tell you
you’re wrong.

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