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I share my experiences
in the Romance Novel Business
openly and quite often
with fellow writers.
These experiences were valuable
for me
and they might add value to others.

But I will push aside
these personal experiences
if another writer presents
results based
on a wider range of experiences.


Because more experiences
(which is what statistics
usually are)
almost always equal
better results.

If I release a book
with a blue cover
and it outsells a book
with a green cover,
that could simply mean
I released the blue cover book
on a better day.

If 1,000 writers release books
with blue covers
and they outsell their books
with green covers,
I should consider
investing in blue covers.

Seth Godin

“78.45% of humans
tend to hate statistics
because we have no direct experience
with the larger picture.
It’s easier to make things up
based on direct experience instead.”

“The peril of roll-your-own science,
in which you pick and choose
which outcomes of the scientific method
to believe
is that you’re almost certainly
going to endanger yourself
and others.”

Statistics almost always
beat out personal experience.

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