By k | August 15, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

A writer posted
a question
to a Facebook group.
He ended the post
“Please answer honestly.”

I didn’t answer at all.
Why would I?
The person is assuming
I’m a liar.

With my readers,
I assume the opposite.
I assume they’re honest people.

If they mess up a download,
I send them a new eBook,
no questions asked.

If they enter a contest
that requires a newsletter sign up,
I assume they’ve signed up.

They are trusting me
to tell a great story.
The least I can do
is trust them
to tell the truth.

As business builders,
we set policies
and many of these policies
are based on
how much we trust our customers.
We could trust them completely,
not at all,
or, more likely, somewhere
between these two extremes.

Make this decision consciously
as it will affect future policies.

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