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In the Romance Novel Business,
there are tropes,
story ideas that often appear.

The average writer
follows a trope.

A GREAT writer
tweaks the trope,
spinning it a little bit differently.

This is what
we should consider doing
with the businesses
we’re building.

Kate Silver

“At dinner one night,
the mentor noticed that
[Yaniv] Masjedi
[chief marketing officer
of Nextiva]
kept looking at his phone.
It was around 2011,
and Nextiva’s customers
and prospective customers
had begun posing questions
to the business
on Facebook and Twitter.

His mentor gave him
this piece of advice:
‘He said
if you’re going to [respond],
do it in a way that’s different.
Why don’t you make videos
instead of replying via text?’”

Do it in a way that’s different.

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