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A character’s history or backstory
is the reason many romance readers
continue reading a story.
They want to learn
why the character is the way
he/she is.

Media also knows the power
of backstory.
That is why
a common interview question
asked of business builders is
“How did you think of your idea?”

Carmine Gallo

“[Matthew] McConaughey saw
the backstory of Kentucky bourbon,
a uniquely American spirit
with a 200-year history.

He knows that
a backstory is critical
to getting moviegoers (or consumers)
to care about the product.

The first 30 minutes
of nearly every successful Hollywood movie
begins by introducing
the characters of the film
and the struggles or challenges
they must overcome.

Your product or brand
may not have a long history,
but every product has a backstory.

Perhaps you had to deal
with a common problem
faced by others in your field,
and your product is a unique solution
to solve it.

That’s a backstory.

Every product has one.
Look for it
and share it.”

Craft a great answer to
“How did you think of your idea?”
If no one asks that question,
volunteer the answer.

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