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When I was working in corporate,
we always knew
who was the next in line
for a job.

How did we know this?

Because that person would fill in
for the present job holder
while she was on vacation.

Of course,
we can’t simply plunk
future leaders into our jobs.
This requires some mentoring,
some training,
and some support.

Bonnie Hagemann,
CEO of
Executive Development Associates,

“Anytime you’re pulling someone up
into a position
that they are not quite ready for,
you want to surround them
with support.

So when the current leader
goes out on vacation,
you want to pre-arrange
that there will be a peer
of the current leader’s
who will act as a mentor.”

In the case of a small business,
this support might be our phone numbers.

Use your time away
from your business
to train future leaders.

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