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When I transitioned
from part-time business babe,
part-time writer,
full-time writer,
many of my loved ones
told me I wasn’t ready.
They encouraged me to wait.

But I knew.
I knew I was ready.
Sure, I was scared.
Sure, I had doubts.
But in my heart,
I knew it was time.

Peter Dinklage,
award winning actor
and producer,

“At 29,
walking away from data processing,
I was terrified,
but this made me very hungry,
I couldn’t be lazy.

Now I tell this story,
because the world might say
you are not allowed to yet.

Please don’t even bother asking.
Don’t bother telling the world
you are ready.

Show it.
Do it.
Trust me,
the rhythm sets in.”

When you believe you’re ready,
do it.

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