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It is a classic story,
almost a cliché.

An entrepreneur needs money.
She decides to accept that money
from a venture capitalist,
giving him a piece of her business.

The venture capitalist
pushes the entrepreneur
to make decisions
she doesn’t want to make
like going public
or selling out.

The entrepreneur resists.
She is eventually pushed out
of the business she founded.


Because she chose a partner
who didn’t have the same vision
for her company
as she did.

Murray Newlands
Founder of,

“Before adding partners
or anyone else
that has this much
ownership of the business,
check to see
if you are on the same page
in terms of philosophy,
what you want to accomplish
and overall vision.”

Co-owners will decide
the future of your business.
Take the necessary time
and apply the required resources
to find the right ones.

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