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I received some spirited emails
from client k readers
about yesterday’s post
on the lack of representation
in the Forbes article.

Some business builders are sick and tired
of political correctness.

This is client k.
I don’t give a f*ck
about political correctness
I talk about a$$hole vendors
and how to get raises
from bastard bosses.

I was using that article
to talk about
marketing correctness.

If you want to sell to a group,
show folks from that group
in photos.

It sends a signal
that hey, you notice them.
You take their preferences
into consideration.
You want to do business
with them.

If you don’t show
folks from a group,
you send the opposite message.
This product or service
isn’t for them.
They should keep looking.

You get the customers
you market to.

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