By k | July 9, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

This past week,
I’ve been citing
Forbes’ article
on Productivity.

This is a great article.
I think everyone should read it.

However, as I flipped through
the slides,
I noticed one thing
- the lack of business women
in the photos.

There are 17 photos
and only 2 had women up front.
1 of those 2 photos
had two men vs the 1 woman.

A male friend
flipped through the slides
and he didn’t notice
the lack of representation.

I did.
Being female,
I notice if there are no females
in photos.

If you want to appeal to a group
(and perhaps Forbes doesn’t want
to appeal to women),
assure they’re represented in photos.
The group will notice
if they aren’t represented.

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