By k | June 28, 2017 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

We’re fortunate.
Many of us are starting from zero
with our businesses.

That means
we don’t have the burden
of what was done in the past.
We can design our business systems
to suit our customers
right now.

Seth Godin

“Today, though,
when more and more
of our engagements are
it doesn’t take
an endless, ongoing budget
to delight people.
All an organization needs to do
is care enough (once)
to design it properly.

To make a process
that is easy to use,
clearly labeled and well designed.

To build a phone system
that doesn’t torture you
and then delete everything
you typed in.

To put care
into every digital interaction,
even if it’s easier
to waste the user’s time.”

Design your systems
the way
they SHOULD be designed.
Make your future customers

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